Sunday, October 13, 2013

Truthers or Liars?

It's not 100%, but it's interesting to note that, in general, when my more liberal friends on Facebook post something political, it can be easily verified from multiple sources, and when my more conservative friends post something it's almost as easily discredited. Why? 

Are my more conservative friends more easily fooled, after years of accepting lies as truth from Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, and Fox?

Maybe they just like to stir up the pot with half-truths, because that's what they see their conservative talk radio heroes doing?

Since most conservatives are in church every Sunday, is it because they're used to being handed their "truth" from the pulpit, trained to not question what they're told, by those who they believe think like them?

Are my more liberal friends less willing to accept a quote or a statement at face value and willing to spend the time fact-checking to make sure that it's true before they re-post it? Are the liberals more likely to question everything?

The conservatives will claim that it's the liberal mainstream media that's hiding the REAL truth. But that doesn't check out. There are dozens of good ways to cross-check a story and it doesn't take that much time to confirm or refute one. Heck, the last conservative posting I checked was debunked by Fox News!

Are the majority of conservatives too lazy to be bothered? Dumb? Trolls?

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